Sydbank's Head Office, Markets, Treasury and International Divisions are situated in Aabenraa 25 km north of the Danish-German border. You can get to Aabenraa from the E45 motorway.

If you travel by train you will arrive in the town of Rødekro approx 6 km west of Aabenraa. Transportation to Aabenraa by bus or taxi is available.

The Great Belt bridge enables you to drive from Copenhagen to Aabenraa in approx 3 hours. Alternatively, you can fly direct to Billund from a great number of European airports.

Moreover, you have the option of flying from the Copenhagen International Airport to two local airports:

  • Billund + 75 minutes by road to Aabenraa
  • Sønderborg + 45 minutes by road to Aabenraa

If you prefer flying to Hamburg in Germany you may expect an estimated 2 hour drive from Hamburg to Aabenraa.

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